Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello World!!

This blog is about ideas that can make our world a better place. Not just ideas, but also how to for action. I have set up this blog in commemoration of Pangea Day, which was held around the world on May 10th 2008. Stay tuned...

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nanog said...

It's great that you launched your blog in Pangea Day!
and good luck!

crackerj83 said...

Thanks for support my friend... I look forward to your input and ideas. People will learn a lot from you.

polmos said...

My name is Pablo Olmos Arrayales, I'm the director of Why I do it? One of the shortfilms featured in Pangea Day.
I just want to thank you for this blog.
It's amazing what happen last weekend, and remember this has just begun!!!

crackerj83 said...

Thank you Pablo and congrats on your film. Your film ( truly captures that people do not have to be scientists to help Alzheimer patients 'cure' their disease - everyday simple but dedicated actions can also help them remember the past. Keep up with good work and yes, I agree that everything has just begun. I hope like-minded people around the world can work together to make the workd a better place. Keep in touch.

L Near said...

my name is Javier im from Mexico
nice to meet you!

hope all people in the world
can change their minds!!

peace peace peace!
keep in touch..!